Experience as a method

[W]e may distinguish three requirements which our empirical theoretical system will have to satisfy. First, it must be syn­thetic, so that it may represent a non-contradictory, a possible world. Secondly, it must satisfy the criterion of demar­cation, i.e. it must not be metaphysical, but must represent a world of possible experience. Thirdly, it must be a system distinguished in some way from other such systems as the one which represents our world of experience.

But how is the system that represents our world of experience to be distinguished? The answer is: by the fact that it has been submitted to tests, and has stood up to tests. This means that it is to be distinguished by applying to it that deduc­tive method which it is my aim to analyse, and to describe.

‘Experience’, on this view, appears as a distinctive method whereby one theoretical system may be distinguished from others; so that empirical science seems to be characterized not only by its logical form but, in addition, by its distinctive method. [16-7]

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